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How to Easily Buy a Home Today

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Making Home Ownership Achievable

How to Easily Buy a Home Today

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Sadly, more than half the Australian population find themselves priced out of the home ownership market.  

Families and individuals have resigned themselves to renting for the rest of their lives.

Allow us to change that for you…

An example might be that you want to buy a property worth $600,000 or even more…!

Any property value works…

1.    Buy your home for 60% to 80% of its value and NEVER PAY MORE

2.    You have Family (or Friends) who buy the other 20% to 40%

3.    You buy your home wherever you want

4.    The 20% to 40% will be a supportive investor for a short term

5.    Supportive Investors’ Assets are secure as their investment is in your home

6.    You are assessed on the percentage of the property you buy only

7.    In 3 to 7 years we exit the investor & you own 100% of your home

8.    Don’t pay off your Landlord’s house, pay off your own home

9.    Enjoy the long term financial security of home ownership

10.  This is not a rent to buy scheme

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Dream Home

Home Ownership we now give you that choice…

Renting or Owning

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is to provide the opportunity to as many Australian families the security and financial prosperity that comes with owning property

So how exactly does this work?

We have developed a unique Algorithm that enables the Homebuyer to purchase 60% to 80% of a property, while Joint Property Australia facilitates a supportive Investor for the other 20% to 40%.

The 60% to 80% purchaser is the Homeowner and lives in the property as your very own home.  After three to seven years, we assist the homebuyer to scale up to 100% ownership of the property.

You can buy a property and have the family home you have always dreamed of.

Another unique feature is The Homebuyer never pays more than 60% to 80% of the purchase price for the property.

We facilitate purchasers end to end, from the education process, to the Joint Property legal agreement, and through to the purchase.  Under our unique model, there is no combined finance; individuals are assessed for their percentage portion of the loan for the property only.

IMAGINE buying a property in Fitzroy or a Semi in Bondi for a fraction of its market price; Shared Ownership can help people get on the property ladder.

The future of housing affordability is now here!

More than half of Australians are being priced out of the property market and have resigned themselves to the fact that they may never be able to afford a home.

If we do nothing and leave things the way they are now then the Property Investor/Landlord with the help of negative gearing, will take an unprecedented hold on property ownership in this country.  A hold that will be very difficult to recover from.

Property Investors need tenants to pay rent for their wealth creation model to work, meanwhile those people looking for the security and financial prosperity that comes with owning a home will remain at the mercy of the Landlord.  Australia will be full of property investors and those who can’t get into property a very scary prospect for future generations who are looking for a place to call their very own home.

At Joint Property Australia, we have developed a model that helps people to get into property somewhere to call home and balance the playing field that is currently dominated by property investors in this country.